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av Filippa Salomonsson

Oh the city of dreams! And one more came true in New York City this month as Jil Larsen opened her very own health spot on Fulton Street, Magic Mix Juicery.

How did her own health journey begin? In 2006, Jil Larsen founder of Magic Mix Juicery was a young woman enjoying life in New York City; it seemed she had the whole world ahead of her when her life suddenly took a dramatic and unexpected turn. Jil was given a life altering diagnosis – Melasma. Melasma is an incurable skin condition affecting over 6 million people which manifests itself with brown or gray brown patches on the face.

After numerous ineffectual medical treatments for this condition, Jil was told that never again would she be able to leave her home without strong chemical and physical sun protection; in addition she would have to live with the distressing marks that were the telltale signs of Melasma forever. Coincidentally Jil ran into an old friend during this time that had also been diagnosed with a discomforting, and incurable skin condition called Psoriasis. Her hopelessness soon turned into optimism as she learned about how his life and skin condition had been reversed through changes in diet and nutrition. This encounter spurred her to start researching everything, and anything relating to food, and the effects of foods on self-healing. Through this research she was introduced to the work of a revolutionary Bio-Chemical Nutritionist, Dr. Robert Pastore. Dr. Pastore believed strongly in the body’s natural ability to heal itself given the right tools to do so.

Jil’s journey towards health, and healing began with detoxing her body from years of preservatives, and unhealthy eating. This process proved to be far more rigorous, and unrelenting than she imagined. A lifetime of bad habits had taken their toll on her body, and created a type of addiction to food that was as strong as any addiction to caffeine, drugs, or alcohol.

Juicing at that time was a daunting exercise in willpower, and determination; however the results were miraculous. After only 3 months of juicing, and healthy eating Jil’s Melasma started to dissipate, the whites of her eyes became clearer, and her stamina and sleep improved exponentially. Jil was ecstatic with the results, but knew that this sort of rigorous dedication was not something she would be able to maintain long term. Magic Mix Juicery was born of her desire to find a solution to the problem of long term maintenance that would also fit her busy lifestyle.

What is the philosophy behind Magic Mix Juicery? Magic Mix Juicery is based on the concept that being healthy shouldn’t have to mean depriving yourself to the point of hunger. Magic Mix Juicery is a lifestyle choice that allows for “Bio Individuality”, and personalization. Years of research and testing have gone into developing this revolutionary method of detoxing the body through a mixture of pure organic juices, and whole raw plant-based foods. This principle hinges on the belief that every individual is unique, and there is no one solution that fits every need. Eating healthy no longer has to be synonymous with denial!

Magic Mix Juicery takes the guess work out of making healthy food choices, and lowers the threshold for juicing/detoxing, without sacrificing benefits. Detoxing and juicing are no longer just for hard core health fanatics, and athletes, but are now accessible and achievable for anyone in search of a healthier life. Magic Mix Juicery makes healthy living effortless, and accessible; at MMJ we add in the good, which naturally crowds out the bad.

What is your number one health tip? Be kind to yourself, listen to your body and take time to do the things you truly enjoy. And my favorite quote would be by Geneen Roth: ”Eat when you are hungry, feel what you are feeling when you are not.”

Who inspires and motivates you? My mom is my true inspiration. She always believed in homeopathic remedies (juicing, cleansing, homecooked clean meals) and looks radiant at 65. She has also been my anchor throughout my own journey to health and biggest cheerleader while trying to start Magic Mix Juicery.

What is your favorite smoothie recipe? The Magic Mix Smoothie which is part of our smoothie menu and my breakfast of choice :). 14 oz alkaline water, 2 kale leaves, 1 banana, 1/2 apple, teaspoon E3Live, 4 dates. Blend all ingredients for 35 seconds in Vitamix (or other) blender.

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