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Thanks everyone for making our meetup awesome! Below you will find Videos and presentations, photos, a recap of the meetup and much more!

Videos and presentations

Download presentation (PDF)

So you want a multilingual WordPress site?
Erik Bernskiöld, Bernskiold Media

Let’s talk languages. Most websites today have a need to at least be bilingual, particularly in Europe. This presentation covers both important strategic issues to tackle, as well as the technical side of making a WordPress website multilingual in a reliable and professional way.

Download presentation (PDF)

Lessons learned using WordPress as a CMS
Hjörtur Hilmarsson, 14islands

WordPress was initially designed as a blogging platform, but is now being used to drive content for full-blown websites. This talk will explore ways to make WordPress work as an CMS and lessons learned while building unique themes for clients.

Download presentation (PDF)

How I use WordPress in my day-to-day business
Cecilia Svensson, Vaja

I left my profession as an IT-consultant to become a writer, lecturer and solopreneur. WordPress is one of my most valuable tools for my business. During my session I’ll happily share my experiences of growing a business, what my favorite tools and plugins are, and how to publish your own book.

You can watch the entire event in this handy playlist, which also includes an introduction speech by Ryan O’Leary.

WordPress + social media = ♥

We had great responses both on Twitter (30+ tweets) and in the Facebook groups WordPress-utveckling, WordPress Sverige and Advanced WordPress.

Over 50 people watched the live stream during the event and another 430 have seen it since it was completed. Over 1600 visitors have read blog posts related to this meetup on the Aftonbladet Tech blog.

Thanks everyone for commenting, posting photos and spreading the meetup!


Check out the #wpsthlm hashtag on Twitter!


Photos by Magnus Nystedt.


A lot of people were involved in making this evening happen! We’d like to personally thank (in no particular order):

Ryan O’Leary – Co-organizer
Andreas Ek – Live stream
Magnus Nystedt – Photographer
John Carehag – Support
Ian Vidales – Support
Erik Bernskiöld – Speaker
Hjörtur Hilmarsson – Speaker
Cecilia Svensson – Speaker

What’s next?

We’re hoping to organize more meetups like this in the WordPress Stockholm Meetup group. If you or your company is interested in hosting a future WP meetup, drop us a line on or in social media:

Stanislav Khromov – @khromov
Ryan O’Leary – @mmaviking


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See you all soon!

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