Welcome Mister President!
Welcome to Sweden!

This is an open letter. You haven’t had enough of open letters I hope? Every Swedish newspaper is filled with open letters today! So many letters to read for you, Mister President!

As you have seen today in our ”malliga morgontidning”, Dagens Nyheter, we are just the same as you!

Just as in the USA our politicians and Kent Perssons are using Twitter to win elections!
Just as in the USA we like to go to the cineme and watch Fast & Furious!

In Stockholm and Gothenburg we have many McDonalds restaurants and you can even buy Coca-Cola at the Press Bureau. There you can also buy coffee in paper cups! Just as in the USA!
Many Swedes are wearing jeans and shirts, just like the average American!

I am a journalist, Mister President. And today you will see many Swedish journalists.
Do you know anyhting about Swedish journalists, Mr. Prez?

Let me tell you something – so you know what you have to deal with today.

Our music journalists are often writing about American music, like Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan just to name a few! (Fun fact: every summer one third of Sweden go to the Ullevi and watch Bruce Springsteen rock out!)

He is signing about thing we can relate to: meat, men, dying mill towns, cars. Damn we love American cars. In Sweden South Korean cars pass as American cars.
Back to the journalists!

Our culture journalists are often writing analysiseseses about Amerians TV series that nobody in the USA are watching. That is how much we love your country, Mister POTUS (yes, ”West Wing” is very popular in Sweden and many Swedes know more about fictional American politics than Swedish real life politics)!

That brings us to our political journalists. They REALLY love the USA. They KNOW the USA in a way that not even a Yankee doodle dandy know the USA.

If you talk to a Swedish political journalists they will tell you that American politics is much more exciting than Swedish politics, American politicians is much more interesting.

A Swedish political journalist is only really happy once in a four-year period: during the American presidential election campaign. It is like Melodifestivalen, OS-hockey, Idol-finalen and Kalle Ankas julafton all at once!

During these few months the Swedish political journalist can tweet about American politics in English to other Swedes interested in American politics!
Today many Swedes will tweet in English, Mister President.

And it is all because of you!
Very welcome!

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