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In my chair

by steveterry
Me and David

David Hellenius and I have known each other since back in the days of ZTV….a long way back;)

David is in the middle of making a new movie called “Sista Chansen”at the moment in which he is lead man opposite Izabella Scorupco… which means, for continuity while shooting, I´m cutting David´s hair a couple of times a month which equals a Big Bonus because David is absolutely one of the nicest guys out there!

oh…and he is kinda funny too;)


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Get Wet

by steveterry

Hey YOU:)

The Wet Look…it´s one of the hot styling trends that we see at the moment…featured here on this AWESOME cover series by Interview Magazine.

Prada, Balmain and Mani all used this look on the catwalk this season. We also saw it quite widely used at Stockholm fashion week.

While easy to acheive naturally with help of the Swedish Autumn weather ;)… there are a couple of products that can help you achieve The Wet Look at home.

A little tip is to also try totally drying your hair and then using the products below to make the sides, top or both look wet while leaving the mid lengths and ends dry. Or…just go for the total wet´s got loads of attitude, is different and is the all important…sexy;)

Here´s my tips for products combined or alone to help you get the look:

For a wet but hard finish try using a good non-flakey mousse like the luxurious Shu Uemura , Ample Agora applied to wet hair and left to dry naturally.

or…I even found a couple of cool little kits by Percy and Reed which gives you a great selection of products that can be mixed. You achieve a softer feeling wet look with the Mini Moisture Pack or a firmer hold with the Mini Volume Pack use in wet and/or dry hair. They are great value from this funky and cool British Brand.

You can also try a Serum like Young Again by Kevin Murphy mixed with a Gel like Redken`s Acrylic Shape 15 (I actually used this combo for Noomi Rapace when I did her hair for Fashion Week)

Hey…the more styles you know the more fun you can have with your hair!

The Wet Look….Cool…for the right occasion…not for everybody…but…maybe for YOU;)





Cool och Kul!

by steveterry

I took this photo the other day at Norra Latin when Aftonbladet held a kick off for all of the Aftonbladet team.

Anyway…I was watching Jan Helin the “ansvarig utgivare” (publisher) make a super inspiring presentation when, towards the end of his presentation  it´s…. me (clean shaven and all)…and looking a good bit younger;)

Jan talked about a lot of exciting stuff we are doing together and I cant tell you how JÄKLAR STOLT (Bloody Proud) I was feeling at that moment!

Cool och Kul!



by steveterry

Only one word…WOW!

One of my favorite models Edie Campbell photographed by one of my favorite Photographers David Sims for Jil Sander.

oh….and wicked hair too;)

A great versatile cut, giving you short but…not short hair.

Use lots of product like a styling cream to achieve more attitude like in these pics…while using very little or no product will achieve a much softer vibe;)



Marie and the Dude

by steveterry


Marie Serneholt has been a great client and friend of mine for over 15 years…Liam (the dude) has been my wonderful and inspiring son since her was born, 11 years ago;)

This cool couple hung out for a while recently when Marie was in for a new do and Liam made a visit to our store YOU Stockholm

Dont miss Marie tonight on BingoLotto…she rocks it!



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A touch of OZ

by steveterry

Lifestyle blogger Hannah Andersson  was @ YOU today to get some help with her hair from Sarah and me. Hannah has been having a few dramas with her hair lately and really needed to sort it out. So… thats what we did and Hannah was stoked (really happy in Australian english)

A big bonus was that, apart from being an all round great girl, is that when Hannah is not in Stockholm she lives in the same area in Sydney as I grew up and is Helene´s, mine and Liam´s other home…and she has such an Aussie accent!

Talk about making me hooooome sick…!

Hanna is a super hot PT…she does boot camps…asked me if I want to do one……..hmmmmmmm not sure if I dare;)





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by steveterry

Dinner with great company and Amaaaaazing fooood!
Farang in Stockholm has a sitting in NY City vibe and OMG the food!!! All time top 5!
Do yourself a favour and try it folks 🙂

Sharing is caring.

by steveterry

EducationWow…just had one of those 24hrs where it seemed like it took 30 seconds and it was done. A time filled full of cool meetings and…. even managed to spend some real quality time with our wicked team at YOU when we had an education session.

Sharing is caring and so inspiring!

love it!


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