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The YOU way

by steveterry

In 2012 Helene and I created and launched a new concept called The YOU way.

We always had the vision to make it something great…with meaning, a positive message and a great experience.

We strongly believe that there is only one way to be…to be YOU and do things the YOU way.

We started with Beauty online and now we are about to take it to the next level…the idea I first presented from the start.

We are doing it with our good friends here at Aftonbladet and a bunch of amazing people.

What I´m holding in my hand is an invitation to a small (but cool) Pre Launch that we will be having next week…during fashion week and Nobis Hotel. There´s more to come too…but… soon as I can say more and can show you…I will!

YOU will be first;)

Stay tuned



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You Beauty

by steveterry
you beauty


Had a great …busy week this week:)

Ended up by sitting here in the middle of London writing this blog post for You guys…nice;)

I´m here for a really exciting business lunch…

Anyway…as I said…it was a full on week and one great thing was, that after months of planning we opened a new chapter in the YOU brand.

Helene and I have always felt that the YOU brand is much more than hair…my trade…and that skin in particular is a really important part of YOU and the way you look and feel. Now we have taken that step with the opening of our (we think) totally beautiful Beauty Room at YOU.

The room is custom made to the smallest detail and we have filled it with the best and latest machines.

Oh…of course I won´t be doing the treatments myself;) For quite a while Helene has been seeing Lena Claesson…one of the absolute best in the business. Lena is a highly experienced medical aesthetician and nurse who is incredibly talented and knowledgeable…she is a really lovely person too:))

Take a look here for all the info….

With the opening of our room and Lena starting we really feel as though we are on track to giving you the best, most intimate and professional offering in total beauty care, including services, advice and retail offering both instore and online that you can find anywhere. Its a fantastic asset for our online store theYOUway too as we can now bring in a wider selection of brands and will have the best in the business working with us… for YOU to offer personal, real and caring advice for all of your beauty needs.

…can ya tell I´m excited…and very, very proud?

I am:)

Have a beautiful weekend friends:)

Me…I´ll be doing London with the family…oh and then there is that lunch;)


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Do it…theYOUway

by steveterry

Well…hello there;)


Another cool day…so many projects on right now that it is a little mad…but hey…why not;)

Today we had education for a very exciting new addition to YOU …I´ll fill you in later;)

For now I want to share with you what you see below!

It´s the newsletter that we send out each week from theYOUway! Its a real goody with loads of super offers:)

Here´s a tip…sign up!

Happy shopping;)


agnes carlssonSteve Terry förklarar hur du får lika snyggt svall som “Så mycket bättre”-aktuella sångerskan Agnes Carlsson – The YOU Way såklart!15% rabatt
Just nu erbjuder vi 15% på all doft, hudvård och makeup. Bland våra varumärken hittar du bland annat BlissBareMineralsClarinsL:a BruketMax Factor ochVoluspa.
erbjudanden hårvård
Flera bra hårvårdserbjudanden
I nya numret av Sofis Mode finns en finns en superfin hårbibel som är gjord i samarbete med The You Way!
Här kan du hitta tips, artiklar och finfina erbjudanden där du bland annat får en gratis Cera Mini Wand,Kérastase Elixir utan kostnad och 20% på hela Moroccanoils sortiment.
fars dag
Fars dag
Glöm inte att det är Fars Dag den 10 november!
Vi har massvis av härliga produkter för pappsen och andra män från bland andra AesopClarinsJack BlackMolton BrownRecipe for MenRedken och Toppik.
På bilden ser du förslag på två toppenpresenter från Recipe for Menoch Jack Black.
klarna julkampanj
Klarnas julkampanj
Du har väl inte missat Klarnas julkampanj!
Nu kan du göra julens inköp i lugn och ro och betala först i slutet av februari. Med julkampanjen handlar du under november, december och januari månad och betalar först i slutet av februari till 0 % ränta.
YOU Stockholm
Är du i Stockholm är du mer än välkommen att besöka vår salong och butik You Stockholm på Birger Jarlsgatan 37! Här har vi laddat upp med skönhet från golv till tak, och här jobbar några av Sveriges bästa frisörer! Följ oss gärna på vår instagram och vår facebook #Youstockholm och #theyouway!
We are looking forward to seeing you! är en onlinebutik och mötesplats som ger en personlig, professionell och glädjefylld shoppingupplevelse till alla hår- och hudvårdsälskare.Birger Jarlsgatan 37, 111 45 Stockholm | 08-238888 |
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A bit of a tease

by steveterry
second page


Hi all:)

Ouch…busy …som..f….n!

All good though …its been a really inspiring day with lots of planning and cool meetings with cooler work mates:)

Funny I have double feelings about the dark now…I dont like it because it´s…well….dark.

But…on the other hand it´s kind of cool…I feel focused and creative…a little melancholy, but in a kinda good way…hhmmm.

Anyway..side tracked again…of course the darkness does not have anything to do with the picture!

This picture is actually a bit of a teaser;) It´s part of a bigger article coming in the next issue of Wellness where I show you a thing or two;)

Hair wise that is;)

To be honest I think it was a great team behind this step by step job…thanks team:)

Anyway…hope you enjoy the article and that you get lots of nice inspiration when it hits the shelves.

Hmmm…Just reading through this post before pushing the button to publish…looks like I´m in a bit of a weird mood it must be the…..DARK!


PS…Photo: Veronica Kindblad




Så Mycket…Titiyo

by steveterry
25 photo (24) copy

Hi YOU:)

Hey…I just wanted to give you guys a heads up to check out the Premier of “Så Mycket Bättre” on TV4 tonight where my long time friend and client…the incredible and cooooolest Titiyo makes her entry;)

Enjoy your Saturday evening folks!





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Noomi…in my chair

by steveterry
photo 1 copyphoto 2photo 3 (1)

Today was a little bit Special…my good friend the amazing Noomi Rapace is back in town for a short visit between movies and came by today for some seriously strong Coffee and great talk and some proper hair therapy.

Hair wise Sarah did a great even blonder colour and I cut and styled in preparation for Noomi´s next movie…which the way…sounds AMAZING!

Personally….Noomi is one of those people that keeps it real…really…I love that! We always have super meaningful talks and the vibe is always super chilled.

When people get as big as Noomi and still manage to keep it real…respect is what they get!

Respect Noomi…YOU ROCK!


A bit cheeky

by steveterry

Ok…Im back…so….here´s the deal.

You know that I´m the founder and creative director of the YOU way right?

Well ….here´s one of the perks of hanging out with me here on this little blog….

Tonight we sent out a newsletter only for our awesome newsletter subscribers with a special offer:)… and since I appreciate you all that take the time to visit my new blog I really wanted to share it with you too;)

A bit cheeky I know but I couldn´t help myself;)

Here´s how it looks…

100 kronor rabatt vid köp för minst 500 kronor. För att utnyttja rabatten skriver du in “Nyhetsbrev” i rabattkodsfältet. Erbjudandet gäller till och med lördag 12 oktober 2013.

So go for it and enjoy friends…because YOU are best!


People and Passion

by steveterry


Today we had a really great press event at YOU together with our good friends at Estelle & Thild in order to launch their new series Super Bioactive .

I talked about YOU and theYOUway and our passion for the brand and Pernilla, founder of Estelle & Thild did the same about her brand.

A morning of great vibes…great balls and great people:)

oh…and then I did a little dance;)


Me & Petra & YOU

by steveterry
Me and Petra


Hi guys..well I  just had a great meeting with my long time client (and buddy)…the amazing Miss Petra Tungården and decided that this autumn we will start filming a new makeover  TV series together!

The team…Mega stylists Petra, Caroline Sandström and super makeup artist Sarah Grundén and me (together with the YOU Stockholm team)

Why not join in?

If you feel like you need to find back to YOU or need a new YOU or just feel like you need some guidance from the experts, do it…apply right here!


OBS: this is not a freak show…it´s about doing it “the YOU way” just the way we like it right;)


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