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Beauty in the Beast

by steveterry

I was on the way to meet up with the family after a meeting on the weekend and walked under a bridge in central Stockholm when I just had to stop and take a snap of what instantly caught my eye.

Super raw and urban but still really beautiful..its almost like an urban dance of textures and shapes.

I find it really inspiring…The Beauty in the Beast.



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by steveterry
IMG_0188 IMG_0213 IMG_0254

We just came back from London again…

Funny…I was looking through my camera and saw these 3 pics all taken within a 24 hours.

From industrial and slick to pure nature…each as inspiring and important to us as the other.

Love contrast


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…and thats a wrap!

by steveterry
ang1  nails IMG_0032 IMG_0026

Today was a great 1st (proper) day back at work!

I spent it at YOU with super blogger and the multi talented (and btw..mega nice;) Angelica Blick shooting our 2nd YOUtorial:)

We had a pretty laid back day and let things happen and as you can see by one of these pics…a few unexpected things did (yep…the black and white one;)

I reckon its gonna be fantastic!

Hey, if you missed the first one we did with Sofi Farhman….check it out HERE on theYOUway. (its been hugely popular and I feel really proud of it)

Stay tuned because YOUtorial Nr 2 is coming to YOU soon;)


YOU smell…not;)

by steveterry

I was reading in the paper today about how dangerous the Aluminium that we find in most deodorants is…

I have  actually been meaning to tip you about this Deo Stick from New York based Malin & Goetz.

Cecilia Blankens also loves it!

I usually get quite a reaction from a lot of deos and I just have to say…this on is in a league of its own…great for men, women and tweenies (Liam loves it)…works great…smells fresh and NO NASTIES like….Aluminium.



70´s but…not

by steveterry
devon-windsor-drew-jarrett-dazed-confused-january-2014-1 devon-windsor-drew-jarrett-dazed-confused-january-2014-2 devon-windsor-drew-jarrett-dazed-confused-january-2014-3 devon-windsor-drew-jarrett-dazed-confused-january-2014-4 devon-windsor-drew-jarrett-dazed-confused-january-2014-5 devon-windsor-drew-jarrett-dazed-confused-january-2014-6 devon-windsor-drew-jarrett-dazed-confused-january-2014-7 devon-windsor-drew-jarrett-dazed-confused-january-2014-8

On the plane home from London we sat and looked through the pile of mags we bought for YOU and while doing so, I spotted this shoot with Devon Windsor by Drew Jarrett in Dazed & Confused.

I really dig the hair and just had to share it with you. I love the super modern but edgy glam that is captured in this shoot.

Inspiring…70´s but…not

Heres a tip on how to get the look the YOU way and its really easy…one of my favourite tips;)

1) Simply blow dry your hair back and up

2) Spray some good working spray into a Mason Pearson Brush and brush back. This gets the spray down to the roots;)

3) Then push the front gently forward and spray from underneath…using only hairspray is what gives you the 70´s feel…thats almost all that was used back then;)

Give it a go and enjoy!




Happy Söndag

by steveterry

Today was a great day at YOU🙂

We had the fantastic team from Aftonbladet Söndag in with us for the whole day, shooting 6…yes..6 tutorials for a new great project together with Söndag and….phew!

All the models where great…the team was great…yep the whole thing was a real pleasure… 😉

Keep an eye out for Söndag in Jan-Feb!

One tip just for you…see the gorgeous waves…I used this to help me get the job done.

Thanks everybody for a super inspiring day and for simply being…YOU!


…just for YOU!

by steveterry

This is cool folks!

Just over a year ago Me and Helene created and founded the YOU

Now the team have asked me to choose 6 of my FAVO products for my own Blog up store in which I can make a special offer to online friends!

So…the way I chose was simple….I thought like this….if I had to only ever have 4 items to create the best hair I could (apart from my scissors and comb)…which 4 items would I choose? Well you see them below…all amazing in their own way…the best of the best!

Then I thought personally…which 2 products do I have at home that me and the family use every day…and really love?..well it turned out to be my 2 favourite products from my favourite Australian Brand…the awesome…Aesop! Not just because they are super stylish and smell…amaaaazing but they really are special to use! (a lot of peoples favourite Aesop products!)

Really if you haven´t tried them…DO IT! You want be disappointed…promise!

Here´s the good part…if you buy any 2 items…you receive a 50% discount on the cheapest one! Take a look below…

Psst…there is really money to be saved here folks….So go for it!….Happy Christmas shopping…..starts…..HERE



A perfect match

by steveterry
at YOU

The other day while I was shooting the Metro Mode Makeover @YOU I could see in my mirror that Juliette was doing what looked like a wicked haircut

on a cool girl.

It turned out…it iS a wicked haircut and yep…Mary Ohlanders IS a cool girl…a perfect match;)

Love it!




by steveterry
37955459ce7b3f504d0f43a129a067a4_love fbea05246c223e18ab0389e62d7b2f93_love d9e059706a62b8515ac557f4f344a639_love bcb034070e0416434bdf8a9a8f978e07_love 4a98a68cc6d4e4c65ad23493152736b7_love 2281b03265c9d4c573a694c171bd3c4d_love copy bf3febdc6ec863281b5293509ffb45c7_love 376ab54a3aeee1372e00b2f2a3eb6ed7_love c72eaf2198cea71849a9e4598039624d_love 632785db600a029094af4046f026a1c3_love 1a2735011d5857e8c1c799371cfd61e6_love


Wow I just love the hair…(all be it…wigs) that was done for the Veronique Branquinho SS14 show.

These cool pics were shot backstage by John Akehurst for LOVE Magazine

Really inspiring!…Hope you think so too!

Hey…remember to….Love…YOU:)


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