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Happy New Year to YOU!

by steveterry

I watched the live stream from my home town, SYDNEY celebrating NYE…wow I must say…us Aussies now how to put on a show! Made easier by having the most beautiful harbour on earth…;) Awesome creative direction from Reg Mombassa of the Eighties Aussie cult band “Mental as Anything” You can see the whole show HERE

It´s fun that a touch of Sweden gets in on the act too! Its so cool that our most famous building is designed by a Dane and covered in tiles from…Sweden;)

The Sydney, NYE fireworks are world famous and a cool bit of trivia is that the guy responsible for them is on old classmate and my vice captain in the Manly Rugby League Under 13´s team…Good on ya Robert!

Anyway…I would love to thank you all for a fantastic and exciting 2013 and wish everyone health, happiness and prosperity as we head into 2014…full steam ahead and ready to rock!

hey remember…YOU are best!


In my chair

by steveterry
liam today


This super cool dude was in my chair today…yep Mr Liam Levi Terry:)

We had YOU closed today for New Years Eve so we took the chance to pop in and cut Helene and Liams hair.

So nice to be able to cut the families hair…thats actually how Helene and I met in Manly Beach, Sydney 25 years ago…so its always extra special…the best clients to end the year with.



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Oh boy!

by steveterry
IMG_6339 IMG_6332 IMG_6334 IMG_6335 IMG_6337 IMG_6338 IMG_6340 IMG_6341 IMG_6342 IMG_6344 IMG_6345


I love this shoot from the January issue of VOGUE Netherlands.

For me I really dig when 2 opposites meet to create a great synergy.

Thats exactly what has been created in this shoot with a real boy-girl, new-used, shiny-matt, strict-laid back mix of opposites…really creating a cool vibe.

I like how the hair takes centre stage by being so…laid back. Here it is really clear how hair can make or break a shoot. Try and imagine this shoot with super dressed hair….it just would be the same would it?

Goes to show…sometimes less IS more;)


YOU smell…not;)

by steveterry

I was reading in the paper today about how dangerous the Aluminium that we find in most deodorants is…

I have  actually been meaning to tip you about this Deo Stick from New York based Malin & Goetz.

Cecilia Blankens also loves it!

I usually get quite a reaction from a lot of deos and I just have to say…this on is in a league of its own…great for men, women and tweenies (Liam loves it)…works great…smells fresh and NO NASTIES like….Aluminium.



Merry Christmas to YOU

by steveterry
LIAM home

Merry christmas everybody:)

We have had a great day,,,especially one young man (as you can see;)

I know a lot of people really love snow at christmas but for us..the Terry family…today was perfect! Must be the Aussie blood…or maybe not…maybe a lot of people feel that way;)

Anyway…last year at home we had tons of snow and the ocean was frozen….this year we got a Christmas visit from the local Swan family:)


Have a lovely break eveybody!


Me & Alex…& Sigge

by steveterry

Today Alex was back in at YOU to get tidied up for Christmas:)

It was really a laugh too…you see a while ago Alex introduced me to his partner in crime Sigge Eklund and I started cutting his hair….nothing strange about that….although Sigge and I really found each other and get on SUPER well ( so do I and Alex;) but….Sigge and I have really hit it off fast and…he has this amazing hair…its become a little issue…

See below;)



The truth is…I love them both equally…(even if Sigge does have better hair than you Alex;)


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Just for you…

by steveterry

Hi guys!

favorit i repris…

This is cool folks!

Just over a year ago Me and Helene created and founded the YOU

Now the team have asked me to choose 6 of my FAVO products for my own Blog up store in which I can make a special offer to online friends!

So…the way I chose was simple….I thought like this….if I had to only ever have 4 items to create the best hair I could (apart from my scissors and comb)…which 4 items would I choose? Well you see them below…all amazing in their own way…the best of the best!

Then I thought personally…which 2 products do I have at home that me and the family use every day…and really love?..well it turned out to be my 2 favourite products from my favourite Australian Brand…the awesome…Aesop! Not just because they are super stylish and smell…amaaaazing but they really are special to use! (a lot of peoples favourite Aesop products!)

Really if you haven´t tried them…DO IT! You want be disappointed…promise!

Here´s the good part…if you buy any 2 items…you receive a 50% discount on the cheapest one! Take a look below…

Psst…there is really money to be saved here folks….So go for it!….Happy Christmas shopping…..starts…..HERE




by steveterry
lb2 lb

Oh sooo fun!

Last night Helene said to me ” Have a look at Petra Tungårdens blog” with a wink in her eye and handed me her computer…

Helene does that all the time…we have been married for 25 years now and the whole time she has known exactly what gets me going;)

This time it was an inlägg about some artwork made out of light boxes…

Well…I freaked! The second I saw them I said “they are sooooo us…I mean…YOU!” and got on the phone that second to Petra , who knows the artist!

We have had this exact thing in mind for years but this was the first time we have seen this IRL.

“Petra…I need to meet the artist…NOW…can you fix it”? I said.

Turns out she was meeting her today…so I asked if I could tag along…I did.


We met with Daniela Upmark. She has a company called bxxlght and she designs an array of different light boxes that are sooo cooool!

In a number of sizes, some with fixed wording and others…like this one…that you can change the wording on.

Anyway…Daniela is a super nice girl and we clicked immediately! I love working with nice and energetic people so we decided there and then that we should…work together!

Literally 15 minutes later…this Baby was at YOU and there are more to come:)

So…if you like what you see..come down to our pad and check these babies out…even better IRL!

Now…Fredags Mys!

Have a great one friends:)






70´s but…not

by steveterry
devon-windsor-drew-jarrett-dazed-confused-january-2014-1 devon-windsor-drew-jarrett-dazed-confused-january-2014-2 devon-windsor-drew-jarrett-dazed-confused-january-2014-3 devon-windsor-drew-jarrett-dazed-confused-january-2014-4 devon-windsor-drew-jarrett-dazed-confused-january-2014-5 devon-windsor-drew-jarrett-dazed-confused-january-2014-6 devon-windsor-drew-jarrett-dazed-confused-january-2014-7 devon-windsor-drew-jarrett-dazed-confused-january-2014-8

On the plane home from London we sat and looked through the pile of mags we bought for YOU and while doing so, I spotted this shoot with Devon Windsor by Drew Jarrett in Dazed & Confused.

I really dig the hair and just had to share it with you. I love the super modern but edgy glam that is captured in this shoot.

Inspiring…70´s but…not

Heres a tip on how to get the look the YOU way and its really easy…one of my favourite tips;)

1) Simply blow dry your hair back and up

2) Spray some good working spray into a Mason Pearson Brush and brush back. This gets the spray down to the roots;)

3) Then push the front gently forward and spray from underneath…using only hairspray is what gives you the 70´s feel…thats almost all that was used back then;)

Give it a go and enjoy!




In my chair

by steveterry
K2photo 1 (3)photo 3 (3)

Awesome Karin Jihde was in my chair again today!


So fun…we always have really good talks about all sorts of things.

Next step….Me and Karin are planning to get her husband Peter in my chair..thats the plan anyway….or? 😉



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