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In my chair

by steveterry

Titiyo and I go wwwwaaayyyy back! I really love her…she is just a cool and wonderful person:)

Tonight is the Elle Gala and we had quite a few fashionistas at YOU today all getting ready for it.

Titiyo is presenting one of the awards tonight so we did a nice styling for the job…then she put a hat on it!

….haha actually that was the plan from the start….its all part of the styling…to get the fringe….perfect!

All I used Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray which is a lightweight styling spray to give a natural hold before blast drying, then random curls with my favourite Cera Wand and finished with Kevin Murphy …Dry Shampoo to make it a little more…rock and roll….Ta daaa;)

Oh…hey…the cap is optional;)



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…and thats a wrap!

by steveterry
ang1  nails IMG_0032 IMG_0026

Today was a great 1st (proper) day back at work!

I spent it at YOU with super blogger and the multi talented (and btw..mega nice;) Angelica Blick shooting our 2nd YOUtorial:)

We had a pretty laid back day and let things happen and as you can see by one of these pics…a few unexpected things did (yep…the black and white one;)

I reckon its gonna be fantastic!

Hey, if you missed the first one we did with Sofi Farhman….check it out HERE on theYOUway. (its been hugely popular and I feel really proud of it)

Stay tuned because YOUtorial Nr 2 is coming to YOU soon;)


In my chair

by steveterry
liam today


This super cool dude was in my chair today…yep Mr Liam Levi Terry:)

We had YOU closed today for New Years Eve so we took the chance to pop in and cut Helene and Liams hair.

So nice to be able to cut the families hair…thats actually how Helene and I met in Manly Beach, Sydney 25 years ago…so its always extra special…the best clients to end the year with.



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Me & Alex…& Sigge

by steveterry

Today Alex was back in at YOU to get tidied up for Christmas:)

It was really a laugh too…you see a while ago Alex introduced me to his partner in crime Sigge Eklund and I started cutting his hair….nothing strange about that….although Sigge and I really found each other and get on SUPER well ( so do I and Alex;) but….Sigge and I have really hit it off fast and…he has this amazing hair…its become a little issue…

See below;)



The truth is…I love them both equally…(even if Sigge does have better hair than you Alex;)


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In my chair

by steveterry
K2photo 1 (3)photo 3 (3)

Awesome Karin Jihde was in my chair again today!


So fun…we always have really good talks about all sorts of things.

Next step….Me and Karin are planning to get her husband Peter in my chair..thats the plan anyway….or? 😉



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In my chair

by steveterry

Recently I had this very special man in my chair.

The man.. the myth…Sigge Eklund had been cutting his hair himself for ..well…a long time.

Now it was time to make a change.

We did and both of us thought that he looked great..Sigge felt great to…

But….the special thing about this session was the conversation…the connection that we found almost immediately.

So…very, very cool!

I´m really looking forward to cutting Sigges hair next time…not only because he´s got great hair…

What a guy!

Sigge for President I say!


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In my chair

by steveterry

This talented young lady…Caroline Roxy is one of the new hot brigade of fashion bloggers making her mark on both the blog and insta worlds!

Caroline and I have worked together a few times now with styling jobs but this time it was haircut time at YOU….well…as you can see…I had my work cut out…literally!

This girl got some serious long and thick hair!

After standing on my tippy toes, bending, stretching, lifting, and brushing and blasting…we got what I think was a lovely look into Carolines hair:)

And as a bonus…I got a work out!

and….thank you to my GHD Blowdryer for making my life a little easier;)





Great Energy

by steveterry

Wow…I have just had the maaaaadest week…so much stuff going on, loads of really cool projects and meetings happening both with work and personally and there just isn´t enough hours in the day…

I simply have not had time to sit down and blog anything worth blogging…sorry guys!

Anyway…this week has been busy but its also been so great…especially Friday when my neighbour here on SOFIS MODE… Miss Sofi Fahrman joined me at YOU to film something that we think will be really cool and something new for (coming soon…I´ll keep you posted;)

All I can say is…great energy!



In my chair

by steveterry

Today was such a great day..and…not only because its still reasonably warm outside and that Helene and I managed to take a lovely walk in the city but because I had such a great experience with my client this morning:)

Martin “Miss Inga” Eriksson was in my chair and apart from being a really lovely person there was something special with what we did today.

I love this part of my work because it is just so wonderful to see people look themselves in my mirror and like who they see (not me…themselves;)

Martin had just finished shooting a dual campaign for a great Swedish fashion brand…one female campaign as “Miss Inga” and was now going to shoot the male…Martin Eriksson…part.

So he came in with his long hair and said…now I want to look like a boy again.

So thats what we did!


He was so cool and just wanted it off…no regrets!

I dont know what you think but I think Martin looks absolutely AMAZING…

Doing Martins hair today wasn´t only a lovely experience with a super guy but it was actually a really special experience…to cut “Miss Ingas” hair off and find …Martin….something that really got me…to feel such passion for my trade after 31 years is truly a gift.

Deep and cool for me.

I know Martin really LOVED it…he told me… and showed it…so fun…but the best part was when Martin stood up and said…I love it..its so me…and…

it´s so PRADA!

Oh…and if you look closely at the before and after pics you will notice that even my phone looked happier as an added bonus;)


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