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by steveterry


It´s been a long but super productive and creative day today…as always when working with these two fantastic girls!

Best…Petra Tungården and Caroline Sandstöm from Metro Mode.

Oh…and we have got some fun stuff coming your way so….Stay Tuned:)


Per & his hair

by steveterry
gyllenetider2 copy


haha…I did this fun job for Aftonbladet a little while ago….thought I would share it with you guys incase you didn´t see it.

It´s all about “Per & his hair”





A cut above

by steveterry
sam 1Sam 2-1Sam-Rollinson-Kurt-Geiger-FW1314-05

British model Sam Rollinson has my absolute favourite cut for the moment! Perfect for her…loads of attitude but still loads of sex appeal. This cut is just so versatile…slick it back…where it naturally, straight, messy…with or without volume…YOU name it…YOU got it!

Its a cut above the rest;)

I think someone in the family might just be wearing something like this soon..who knows??

Can wait to get cutting!

Enjoy your hair!


My balls

by steveterry

Just when you thought this was a fashion and beauty blog…I give you balls…not just any balls…but my balls 😉

I´ve been a little sick the last couple of days (yes…it´s perfectly alright to feel sorry for me;) so tonight I made some awesome health balls (slightly naughty ones) for Fredags mys with the family tomorrow:)

Feeling a little better already:)



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In my chair

by steveterry
Erica 1copy


I had Erika Scott in my chair this week!

Erika is the Editor Chief of Aftonbladet´s SÖNDAG magazine:)

This time Erika was after something a little more sassy and cool that suits both her and her lifestyle.

I gave Erika a nice layered A-line bob which she absolutely loves! (me too) Its a cool and versatile style which can easily be “dressed up” or down.

It´s so fun to see people look into the mirror and really like what they see.:)

To get the volume in this shape I used Kevin Murphy´s Body Builder and for the natural texture Redkens Powder Refresh 01 Dry Shampoo and to hold it there Quick Dry #18

Something for YOU?



Press Stop

by steveterry
mags 3mags1

What a beautiful day it was in Stockholm today!

Walking around in the city with the family…in the sun…in a T Shirt…in late September! So cool;)

We managed to make a press stop to gather in all the hot new mags on the shelves at the moment before heading home…

Have a super Saturday evening all!




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Hell Yeah!

by steveterry


Last night was the finals for the Blog Awards in which 3 of the bloggers from the blog platform I´M NEXT were nominated.

The whole gang were at YOU last night for a few hours and we did hair, Make-up, hung out and listened to some seriously loud music! I´m gonna show you a lot more later…BUT…in the meantime. I saw that Caroline Roxy had put up this blog of the look I did for her last night so I asked her if it was cool for me to share them with you since we looked at the wet look in a recent post.

Well…she said HELL YEAH!

Thanks Caroline…and …congrats on winning “Newcomer Fashion Blogger 2013″……YOU ROCK!

I´ll show you guys more from the evening later…it was cool

oh…here is what products I used for Caroline´s look…I Poured this Gel into a bowl and brushed it into the roots and mid lengths then I combed through with a large rake comb. (If the gel starts to dry too fast don´t panic…just spray on a little water) Then I dried it in with soft heat and finished with this Spray.




Me & Petra & YOU

by steveterry
Me and Petra


Hi guys..well I  just had a great meeting with my long time client (and buddy)…the amazing Miss Petra Tungården and decided that this autumn we will start filming a new makeover  TV series together!

The team…Mega stylists Petra, Caroline Sandström and super makeup artist Sarah Grundén and me (together with the YOU Stockholm team)

Why not join in?

If you feel like you need to find back to YOU or need a new YOU or just feel like you need some guidance from the experts, do it…apply right here!


OBS: this is not a freak show…it´s about doing it “the YOU way” just the way we like it right;)


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