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YOUtorial time

by steveterry

Hi all!

Hey this is something that I have been patiently waiting to share with you…now I can…YAY!

Recently we filmed our very 1st YOUtorial!

We chose to make Number 1 with the fantastic Sofi Fahrman🙂

Now…this is not your standard tutorial folks…it is made to really capture the essence of our brand…YOU.

Please take a look….I really and truly hope that you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it…oh….and that you pick up loads of cool tips along the way:)

If you are interested in checking out the products we used…just take a look HERE





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Two Lions

by steveterry

Just got back from London!

I was down there for a really exciting meeting so…we decided to make a family trip of it:)

Helene and I have been to london countless times for work and pleasure and Liam has been to London loads of times too but it was a while ago so it was like it was a new adventure for him!

Wow…we had so much fun and because England is very much a part of our family heritage…it was extra special!

Liam climbed up on to one of the Lions at Trafalgar Square and snapped this one! He is a Leo so we call this one “Two Lions”

Too true;)

Love inspiring…so much to see…so awesome!


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Metro Mode Makeover #3

by steveterry

Hi guys!

Here is Metro Mode Makeover #3. Im so proud that the series is such a success:) Its great fun to make and a great team which makes things even better;)




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You Beauty

by steveterry
you beauty


Had a great …busy week this week:)

Ended up by sitting here in the middle of London writing this blog post for You guys…nice;)

IÂŽm here for a really exciting business lunch…

Anyway…as I said…it was a full on week and one great thing was, that after months of planning we opened a new chapter in the YOU brand.

Helene and I have always felt that the YOU brand is much more than hair…my trade…and that skin in particular is a really important part of YOU and the way you look and feel. Now we have taken that step with the opening of our (we think) totally beautiful Beauty Room at YOU.

The room is custom made to the smallest detail and we have filled it with the best and latest machines.

Oh…of course I wonÂŽt be doing the treatments myself;) For quite a while Helene has been seeing Lena Claesson…one of the absolute best in the business. Lena is a highly experienced medical aesthetician and nurse who is incredibly talented and knowledgeable…she is a really lovely person too:))

Take a look here for all the info….

With the opening of our room and Lena starting we really feel as though we are on track to giving you the best, most intimate and professional offering in total beauty care, including services, advice and retail offering both instore and online that you can find anywhere. Its a fantastic asset for our online store theYOUway too as we can now bring in a wider selection of brands and will have the best in the business working with us… for YOU to offer personal, real and caring advice for all of your beauty needs.

…can ya tell IÂŽm excited…and very, very proud?

I am:)

Have a beautiful weekend friends:)

Me…IÂŽll be doing London with the family…oh and then there is that lunch;)


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In the making

by steveterry

Metro Mode Maker # 5 is in the making  at YOU today..Petra, Carro, Sarah, Me  and the team are working on a cool new band..Milou to help them find their very own unique style.

Extra cool as I have  known Milous mum Zannah HultĂ©n for like…15 years;)

Keep an eye out for these guys…and take a look at their first video here…(suitably called….High for…YOU)



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Happy Söndag

by steveterry

Today was a great day at YOU🙂

We had the fantastic team from Aftonbladet Söndag in with us for the whole day, shooting 6…yes..6 tutorials for a new great project together with Söndag and….phew!

All the models where great…the team was great…yep the whole thing was a real pleasure… 😉

Keep an eye out for Söndag in Jan-Feb!

One tip just for you…see the gorgeous waves…I used this to help me get the job done.

Thanks everybody for a super inspiring day and for simply being…YOU!


Pump up the volume

by steveterry

Hi You:)

Hey….I just noticed this article on the front page of Aftonbladet online…cool hey! It think its a really good guide for how to get volume 2 ways! (if I do say so myself;) It also includes all your product and tool needs at the bottom of the article.

Hope you enjoy it!

Hey…itÂŽs Friday night!….perfect timing;)



Frisörknepen till volym

Publicerad: 2013-12-06
Är du trött pĂ„ att hĂ„ret faller platt? Superfrisören Steve Terry guidar dig till tvĂ„ frisyrer med mycket volym – en snygg vardagslook och en festligt lockig.

Ett voluminöst hÄrsvall Àr drömmen för mÄnga. Steve Terry Àr grundaren till och driver salongen och butiken YOU Stockholm och skönhetsbutiken och har bÄde Britney Spears och Noomi Rapace pÄ kundlistan. HÀr visar han steg för steg hur du bygger upp volym och fixar fina lockar. För att förverkliga drömhÄret mÄste du börja frÄn början.

– Börja i duschen, med bra schampo och balsam. Vissa Ă€r vĂ€ldigt vĂ„rdande, men de kan tynga ned hĂ„ret, sĂ€ger Steve.

Det finns speciella volymprodukter, och schampo och balsam anpassade till tunt hÄr. Be gÀrna en frisör om hjÀlp för att hitta rÀtt.

Ett vanligt problem Àr att hÄret ÄterfÄr sin platthet efter ett par timmar. Grundarbetet Àr viktigt för frisyrens hÄllbarhet, menar Steve Terry.

– Att fixa hĂ„ret Ă€r som att bygga ett hus, du behöver en bra grund om det ska hĂ„lla.

Före och efter frisören.  Före och efter frisören.

SĂ„ fixar du vardagsvolym

En enkel frisyr med mycket volym, passar alla dagar i veckan. Perfekt för tunt och mjukt hÄr som lÀtt blir platt.1 Applicera mousse i hÄret genom att dela upp hÄret i sektioner och kamma in moussen.

1 Applicera mousse i hÄret genom att dela upp hÄret i sektioner och kamma in moussen.

– Ett vanligt misstag Ă€r att ta allt pĂ„ en gĂ„ng och lĂ€gga pĂ„ mitt pĂ„ huvudet, sĂ€ger Steve.

2 Föna hÄret torrt, börja med rötterna. Lyft upp hÄret med fingrarna och blÄs in i hÄrbotten. NÀr rötterna Àr torra, fortsÀtt med lÀngderna. Knepet, att böja sig framÄt och föna med huvudet upp och ner, fungerar, sÀger Steve.

– Det gör att hĂ„ret kommer bort frĂ„n huvudet, och det Ă€r det vi vill. Volymen kommer frĂ„n hĂ„rbotten.

3  AnvÀnd en rund borste och rulla upp hÄret med den, sektion för sektion, se bild vÀnster sida. VÀrm det upprullade hÄret med fönen, lÄt svalna och slÀpp sedan ut.

– Föna rötterna underifrĂ„n, det motverkar att hĂ„ret ligger platt mot huvudet, tipsar Steve.

4 Spreja hela hÄret med torrschampo och pudra lite volympulver i hÄrbotten. Fixera med sprej.

TIPS! Föna alltid hÄret frÄn rötterna ut mot topparna. BlÄser du mot hÄrriktningen kan det bli frissigt.

Liva upp med lockar

Vardagsvolymen hÄller för en festkvÀll, men vill du piffa till dig lite extra med lockar Àr det lÀtt fixat.

1 Borsta igenom hÄret lÀtt. Dela in hÄret i sektioner vertikalt.

2 Locka hÄret en sektion i taget. SÀtt tÄngen nÀra hÄrbotten och linda sedan hÄret bakÄt runt locktÄngen.

3 LÄt lockarna svalna innan du separerar dem med fingrarna. Borsta försiktigt hÄret. Krama in en stylingkrÀm i lockarna och avsluta med hÄrsprej.

TIPS! Det Àr viktigt att hÄret fÄr svalna innan du borstar det. HÄret stannar i den form det svalnat i, sÄ borstar du hÄret för snabbt förlorar du lockarna.

Steve Terrys tips pÄ produkter

Shampoo: Bumble and bumble  Surf Foam Conditioner (available at YOU Stockholm)

*Shu Uemura Ample Angora Mousse

*Kevin Murphy Powder Puff

*Cera Wand 19-32

*Mason Pearson Brush

*Redken Fashion work 12 spray



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…just for YOU!

by steveterry

This is cool folks!

Just over a year ago Me and Helene created and founded the YOU

Now the team have asked me to choose 6 of my FAVO products for my own Blog up store in which I can make a special offer to online friends!

So…the way I chose was simple….I thought like this….if I had to only ever have 4 items to create the best hair I could (apart from my scissors and comb)…which 4 items would I choose? Well you see them below…all amazing in their own way…the best of the best!

Then I thought personally…which 2 products do I have at home that me and the family use every day…and really love?..well it turned out to be my 2 favourite products from my favourite Australian Brand…the awesome…Aesop! Not just because they are super stylish and smell…amaaaazing but they really are special to use! (a lot of peoples favourite Aesop products!)

Really if you havenÂŽt tried them…DO IT! You want be disappointed…promise!

HereÂŽs the good part…if you buy any 2 items…you receive a 50% discount on the cheapest one! Take a look below…

Psst…there is really money to be saved here folks….So go for it!….Happy Christmas shopping…..starts…..HERE



A perfect match

by steveterry
at YOU

The other day while I was shooting the Metro Mode Makeover @YOU I could see in my mirror that Juliette was doing what looked like a wicked haircut

on a cool girl.

It turned out…it iS a wicked haircut and yep…Mary Ohlanders IS a cool girl…a perfect match;)

Love it!



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