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Aren´t we lucky

by steveterry
sunset copy

This afternoon I went out for a walk and talk meeting…as a bonus the business meeting was with a special friend.

Sometimes I really like to do that..walking and talking for me is such a clear and refreshing way to really nut out questions and plans and it really gets my creativity going. So nice!

Anyway…on the way back into town….this is what greeted us and we just had to stop and take it in….

Wow..Stockholm…YOU are so beautiful!

Aren´t we lucky:)


Ps: nope no filter;)


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Being Kate…

by steveterry


haha…I just found these pictures of Kate Moss totally in contrast to my previous post …here is Kate just being….Kate.

Its funny because for me…out of the top 10 favourite and most inspiring potraits of all time I would say that Kate Moss is in number 3 to 10 in the list.

There is just something so raw and real with her…she has a way of making photo´s POP…yes…she is beautiful but there is something more…it feels like in the camera..its Kate You see and Kate You get…she connects… like in these.

Oh..and…places 1 and 2 on my all time most inspiring photo´s of all time…thats… Helene and Liam…in no specific order.


Being Candice…

by steveterry

This is Candice Swanepoel rocking her platinum colour and cool hair for the December cover story of Elle UK, photographed by Kai Z Feng.

I love the way the stylist has used the hair to create form and feel in such a cool and balanced way…nice!

Oh…and remember…”Your hair is your only 24 hour a day fashion accessory” enjoy it:)



In my chair

by steveterry

Today was such a great day..and…not only because its still reasonably warm outside and that Helene and I managed to take a lovely walk in the city but because I had such a great experience with my client this morning:)

Martin “Miss Inga” Eriksson was in my chair and apart from being a really lovely person there was something special with what we did today.

I love this part of my work because it is just so wonderful to see people look themselves in my mirror and like who they see (not me…themselves;)

Martin had just finished shooting a dual campaign for a great Swedish fashion brand…one female campaign as “Miss Inga” and was now going to shoot the male…Martin Eriksson…part.

So he came in with his long hair and said…now I want to look like a boy again.

So thats what we did!


He was so cool and just wanted it off…no regrets!

I dont know what you think but I think Martin looks absolutely AMAZING…

Doing Martins hair today wasn´t only a lovely experience with a super guy but it was actually a really special experience…to cut “Miss Ingas” hair off and find …Martin….something that really got me…to feel such passion for my trade after 31 years is truly a gift.

Deep and cool for me.

I know Martin really LOVED it…he told me… and showed it…so fun…but the best part was when Martin stood up and said…I love it..its so me…and…

it´s so PRADA!

Oh…and if you look closely at the before and after pics you will notice that even my phone looked happier as an added bonus;)


Making people feel good

by steveterry

It was Metro Makeover day today and we first headed out on location to meet our candidate at home to get to know her…its was really mysig:)

Then it was time to head back to YOU and shoot the actual Makeover itself.

Well …yes it was a long day but the teamwork, energy and result make it all feel easy and loads of fun….with loads of laughs too:)

The team as Usual was Petra, Carro, Sara and the awesome crew…oh and we got our Sarah involved today too.

Personally I feel we are just getting better and tighter as a team each time:)

Keep an eye out for Metro Mode Makeover #2 coming soon…but in the meantime if you missed #1...HERE it is:)

oh…and by the way..our candidate looked and felt amazing!

Making people feel good….that´s where the magic is.

Hope you enjoy




by steveterry

Agnes…sooo cool and a lovely talented girl too:)

We first met when I was in charge of all of the hair for IDOL for a number of years…one of those years was when Agnes won the whole thing:)

After that I have done Agnes´s hair many times and…she is a little famous for her hair…here´s my step by step guide that I have put together for theYOUway….I hope you get some good inspiration and tips!

psst….there is a nice offer in conjunction with it too:)

Check it out below..


Så får du Agnes Hollywoodsvall – The YOU way

Vi fullkomligt älskar “Så mycket bättre”-aktuella Agnes Carlsson och hennes stjärnsvall à la Hollywood.
Steve Terry, som gjort Agnes hår ett flertal gånger och som också jobbade med sångerskan under “Idol”-tiden,
berättar hur du går tillväga för att få popstjärnans fantastiska lockar – the YOU way.
Steg 1
Använd ett schampo som ger volym, stadga och inte tynger ner.
Produkter du behöver: Davines Volu Schampo och Conditioner.
Steg 2
Handdukstorka håret ordentligt och applicera en leave-in-conditioner och ett volymspray. Föna med en brafön och fokusera på hårbotten för att få lyft och volym i håret. Se till att håret blir ordentligt torrt.Produkter du behöver: GHD Air Hair dryerEVO Day of Grace och Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Spray.
Steg 3
Agnes har lite större vågor så därför passar Cera Wand 25-38 perfekt. Dela upp håret i sektioner, ca 3 cm breda. Rulla upp hårlängden bakåt runt staven. När du byter sida är det viktigt att du också byter hand och rullar håret bakåt. Har du mycket hår så sätt upp överhåret och börja med det undre håret.
Produkter du behöver: Cera Wand 25-38 som skapar lösa lockar/vågar (vill du däremot ha normalstora vågor rekommenderar vi Cera 19-32).
Steg 4
Vänta till håret att har svalnat och dra sedan fingrarna försiktigt genom för att separera lockarna. Använd gärna en borste från Mason Pearson och borsta försiktigt. För att undvika frizz applicera en liten mängd stylingolja i längderna och topparna. Skaka huvudet lätt och avsluta med en hårspray som håller lockarna på plats.
Steg 5
Go out and have fun!

Just nu får du 15% rabatt på dessa produkter så du kan fixa Agnes look… the YOU way!

A bit of a tease

by steveterry
second page


Hi all:)

Ouch…busy …som..f….n!

All good though …its been a really inspiring day with lots of planning and cool meetings with cooler work mates:)

Funny I have double feelings about the dark now…I dont like it because it´s…well….dark.

But…on the other hand it´s kind of cool…I feel focused and creative…a little melancholy, but in a kinda good way…hhmmm.

Anyway..side tracked again…of course the darkness does not have anything to do with the picture!

This picture is actually a bit of a teaser;) It´s part of a bigger article coming in the next issue of Wellness where I show you a thing or two;)

Hair wise that is;)

To be honest I think it was a great team behind this step by step job…thanks team:)

Anyway…hope you enjoy the article and that you get lots of nice inspiration when it hits the shelves.

Hmmm…Just reading through this post before pushing the button to publish…looks like I´m in a bit of a weird mood it must be the…..DARK!


PS…Photo: Veronica Kindblad




Heart YOU

by steveterry

Hi guys…hope that you have been having an awesome day….wow…it was almost tropical outside today…well kind of;) But either way..nice to feel a bit of warmth and humidity out there today…the shorter the winter…the better as far as Im concerned…my Aussie bones aren´t made for it.

Anyway…back on track;)…I hope you like these pics by Terry Richardson of Cara Delevingne..actually taken today.

I like the way Terry shoots…unpretentious and real in some way…often fun! He also obviously makes people relaxed and he gets something really cool into his shoots….Even if they look simple…they say a lot.

He is a bit of a goofball…which is awesome in the world of fashion. He likes to provoke…in a good way…I like;)

Heart YOU 😉





by steveterry

I just had to share this with you!

Our client Hanna Makowsky was in @ YOU the other day and was looked after by Juliette.

Hanna has amazing hair and after the right treatment…it looked even more cool…so…we took this cool picture so that I could help you get the look the YOU way.

Here YOU go :

– First, to ensure that the curls are boosted from start we  washed Hanna’s hair with Davines Love Curl Shampoo and Conditioner and in damp hair she used AMIKA Curl Define Cream to bind and smooth the curls!

– Now blow dry gently with a diffuser.

To bring volume from the roots, a shot of Fresh Hair from Kevin Murphy was used as a styling agent.

– To get more definition now work in Shu Uemura Essence Absolue from mid lengths to ends.

Cool hair for a cool girl

I love this look….Nice!


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