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Heart YOU

by steveterry

Hi guys…hope that you have been having an awesome day….wow…it was almost tropical outside today…well kind of;) But either way..nice to feel a bit of warmth and humidity out there today…the shorter the winter…the better as far as Im concerned…my Aussie bones arenÂŽt made for it.

Anyway…back on track;)…I hope you like these pics by Terry Richardson of Cara Delevingne..actually taken today.

I like the way Terry shoots…unpretentious and real in some way…often fun! He also obviously makes people relaxed and he gets something really cool into his shoots….Even if they look simple…they say a lot.

He is a bit of a goofball…which is awesome in the world of fashion. He likes to provoke…in a good way…I like;)

Heart YOU 😉




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