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In my chair

by steveterry


The man himself Mr Pär Lernström was back at YOU for his regular shape up and styling….he is always so suave;)… and super nice!

Hey…I have a special mix I use for Pär…in fact it is my favourite combination for this type of cut and style.

Just take equal parts…Night Rider and Easy Rider, both by Kevin Murphy mix then in your hands and work all the way through your hair.

Its a great combo!



A bit cheeky

by steveterry

Ok…Im back…so….here´s the deal.

You know that I´m the founder and creative director of the YOU way right?

Well ….here´s one of the perks of hanging out with me here on this little blog….

Tonight we sent out a newsletter only for our awesome newsletter subscribers with a special offer:)… and since I appreciate you all that take the time to visit my new blog I really wanted to share it with you too;)

A bit cheeky I know but I couldn´t help myself;)

Here´s how it looks…

100 kronor rabatt vid köp för minst 500 kronor. För att utnyttja rabatten skriver du in “Nyhetsbrev” i rabattkodsfältet. Erbjudandet gäller till och med lördag 12 oktober 2013.

So go for it and enjoy friends…because YOU are best!


Make it YOU

by steveterry
photo (20) copy 5photo (20) copy 2


Wow…there has been some fantastic work going on @ YOU. Here you see Johanna Mäki getting some final touches from Juliette.

Julliette has worked together with me and Helene for more than 8 years and is a fantastic stylist.(and great girl;)

Joanna had almost one-length hair when she visited us and wanted something more playful…well she got it.

I really feel this shape and colour is absolutely perfect for Joanna…and I get the feeling she thinks so too.

Great work Juliette!

I asked Juliette how she got the look so you can too;)

Here you go….

to get this look the YOU way:

Step 1) Wash your hair with Shu Uemura Full Shimmer Shampoo and Shu Uemura Full Shimmer Conditioner, for a high shine look and an awesome scent!

Step 2)Use Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Spray in damp hair to achieve a weightless volume and blowdry.

Step 3) Now to create a carefree light volume use Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair, a dry shampoo that you can use as a styling agent for boosting volume and texture and spray into your roots and mid-lengths

Step 4)  Brush through and/or use you hands (like Juliette;) to create the feel YOU like and then finish with a light spray of a light workable spray like  Fashion Work 12 spray from Redken! 

Hey…just take it and make it YOU;)


Linda & YOU

by steveterry

Its been a great and intense day at YOU today…fun!

One of our clients today was the amazing Miss Linda Hallberg! Make-up artist and blogger extraordinaire:) Linda was the winner of “Best Beauty Blog” this year at the VeckoRevyn Blog Awards…for example;)

Linda came to visit Sarah for her new (very hot) colour!

Anyway…when I got home I saw that Linda had blogged about her visit and I got so happy!

I asked Linda if I could share it with you guys!

So here it is…(the photos are Lindas own) nice hu!

Linda Hallberg…

Kom ganska nyligen hem från frissan.. alltså GUUUD vad jag älskar att jag har hittat en frisör som kan mitt hår! Det är ju många som frågar vilken färg jag färgar mitt hår med, men jag färgar hos frisör (tyvärr). Salongen jag går till heter YOU och ligger på Birger jarlsgatan i Stockholm. Sara, som jag gör mitt hår hos är helt jävla amazing på färg!

Jag gick ju från min koppriga ombre, till nästan gråbrunt, och jag älskar det! Råttfärgat är tydligen hett just nu!

Jag har använt/I’ve used

MUS Cake eyeliner black

No7 Fanomenal lashes

Velour lashes You complete me


Sleek makeup lip4 palette mardi gras (den lila i paletten)


NARS blush boys don’t cry

MUS Wonder powder Sinai

In my chair

by steveterry
Erica 1copy


I had Erika Scott in my chair this week!

Erika is the Editor Chief of Aftonbladet´s SÖNDAG magazine:)

This time Erika was after something a little more sassy and cool that suits both her and her lifestyle.

I gave Erika a nice layered A-line bob which she absolutely loves! (me too) Its a cool and versatile style which can easily be “dressed up” or down.

It´s so fun to see people look into the mirror and really like what they see.:)

To get the volume in this shape I used Kevin Murphy´s Body Builder and for the natural texture Redkens Powder Refresh 01 Dry Shampoo and to hold it there Quick Dry #18

Something for YOU?



Hell Yeah!

by steveterry


Last night was the finals for the Blog Awards in which 3 of the bloggers from the blog platform I´M NEXT were nominated.

The whole gang were at YOU last night for a few hours and we did hair, Make-up, hung out and listened to some seriously loud music! I´m gonna show you a lot more later…BUT…in the meantime. I saw that Caroline Roxy had put up this blog of the look I did for her last night so I asked her if it was cool for me to share them with you since we looked at the wet look in a recent post.

Well…she said HELL YEAH!

Thanks Caroline…and …congrats on winning “Newcomer Fashion Blogger 2013″……YOU ROCK!

I´ll show you guys more from the evening later…it was cool

oh…here is what products I used for Caroline´s look…I Poured this Gel into a bowl and brushed it into the roots and mid lengths then I combed through with a large rake comb. (If the gel starts to dry too fast don´t panic…just spray on a little water) Then I dried it in with soft heat and finished with this Spray.




Get Wet

by steveterry

Hey YOU:)

The Wet Look…it´s one of the hot styling trends that we see at the moment…featured here on this AWESOME cover series by Interview Magazine.

Prada, Balmain and Mani all used this look on the catwalk this season. We also saw it quite widely used at Stockholm fashion week.

While easy to acheive naturally with help of the Swedish Autumn weather ;)… there are a couple of products that can help you achieve The Wet Look at home.

A little tip is to also try totally drying your hair and then using the products below to make the sides, top or both look wet while leaving the mid lengths and ends dry. Or…just go for the total wet´s got loads of attitude, is different and is the all important…sexy;)

Here´s my tips for products combined or alone to help you get the look:

For a wet but hard finish try using a good non-flakey mousse like the luxurious Shu Uemura , Ample Agora applied to wet hair and left to dry naturally.

or…I even found a couple of cool little kits by Percy and Reed which gives you a great selection of products that can be mixed. You achieve a softer feeling wet look with the Mini Moisture Pack or a firmer hold with the Mini Volume Pack use in wet and/or dry hair. They are great value from this funky and cool British Brand.

You can also try a Serum like Young Again by Kevin Murphy mixed with a Gel like Redken`s Acrylic Shape 15 (I actually used this combo for Noomi Rapace when I did her hair for Fashion Week)

Hey…the more styles you know the more fun you can have with your hair!

The Wet Look….Cool…for the right occasion…not for everybody…but…maybe for YOU;)






by steveterry

Only one word…WOW!

One of my favorite models Edie Campbell photographed by one of my favorite Photographers David Sims for Jil Sander.

oh….and wicked hair too;)

A great versatile cut, giving you short but…not short hair.

Use lots of product like a styling cream to achieve more attitude like in these pics…while using very little or no product will achieve a much softer vibe;)



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