Cara´s got IT!

by steveterry
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Cara Delevingne is without doubt the girl of the moment, on the catwalk, in mags and equally important (if not more) on social media.

Why?..sure she is a great looking girl but she has something different. Cara has it…and…she is quite happy to be…well… a goof ball!

She is really herself thats why people relate to her and find her interesting.

Goes to show the effect that simply being YOU can have

Here´s a cool article about Cara in January´s British Vogue.




by steveterry

Liam started school this morning and we were a little early…so…we went for a stroll in town to our, for the moment, favourite place for coffee (and cakes;) Wiener Caféet.

The city was actually pretty quiet this morning with a light drizzle of rain, but still quite warm:)

As we turned down Bibloteksgatan we were hit by this. So peaceful and beautiful.

Theres just something about cities in the early morning…especially when its lit up like this.

Oh the kid on the right is Liam…full steam ahead to the coffee..and cake;) Oh well…it was the first day of school and all;)




by steveterry

The other day Aftonbladet was in shooting with us when Johan came in to visit. Johan did an article about me, Helene and Liam for Aftonbladet a while back and we really found each other…he is a great guy….BUT…he is not so good at shaving his own head!

I dont know it must be an “arbetsskada” but I saw his one lonely little hair there on the top of his head from miles away;)

….you can see it right!?

anyway…I just had to get it before he left and I did!

Johan was happy too…he said it was the first “proper haircut” he has had in years;)



by steveterry
IMG_0188 IMG_0213 IMG_0254

We just came back from London again…

Funny…I was looking through my camera and saw these 3 pics all taken within a 24 hours.

From industrial and slick to pure nature…each as inspiring and important to us as the other.

Love contrast


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…and thats a wrap!

by steveterry
ang1  nails IMG_0032 IMG_0026

Today was a great 1st (proper) day back at work!

I spent it at YOU with super blogger and the multi talented (and btw..mega nice;) Angelica Blick shooting our 2nd YOUtorial:)

We had a pretty laid back day and let things happen and as you can see by one of these pics…a few unexpected things did (yep…the black and white one;)

I reckon its gonna be fantastic!

Hey, if you missed the first one we did with Sofi Farhman….check it out HERE on theYOUway. (its been hugely popular and I feel really proud of it)

Stay tuned because YOUtorial Nr 2 is coming to YOU soon;)


Happy New Year to YOU!

by steveterry

I watched the live stream from my home town, SYDNEY celebrating NYE…wow I must say…us Aussies now how to put on a show! Made easier by having the most beautiful harbour on earth…;) Awesome creative direction from Reg Mombassa of the Eighties Aussie cult band “Mental as Anything” You can see the whole show HERE

It´s fun that a touch of Sweden gets in on the act too! Its so cool that our most famous building is designed by a Dane and covered in tiles from…Sweden;)

The Sydney, NYE fireworks are world famous and a cool bit of trivia is that the guy responsible for them is on old classmate and my vice captain in the Manly Rugby League Under 13´s team…Good on ya Robert!

Anyway…I would love to thank you all for a fantastic and exciting 2013 and wish everyone health, happiness and prosperity as we head into 2014…full steam ahead and ready to rock!

hey remember…YOU are best!


In my chair

by steveterry
liam today


This super cool dude was in my chair today…yep Mr Liam Levi Terry:)

We had YOU closed today for New Years Eve so we took the chance to pop in and cut Helene and Liams hair.

So nice to be able to cut the families hair…thats actually how Helene and I met in Manly Beach, Sydney 25 years ago…so its always extra special…the best clients to end the year with.



Categories in my chair

Oh boy!

by steveterry
IMG_6339 IMG_6332 IMG_6334 IMG_6335 IMG_6337 IMG_6338 IMG_6340 IMG_6341 IMG_6342 IMG_6344 IMG_6345


I love this shoot from the January issue of VOGUE Netherlands.

For me I really dig when 2 opposites meet to create a great synergy.

Thats exactly what has been created in this shoot with a real boy-girl, new-used, shiny-matt, strict-laid back mix of opposites…really creating a cool vibe.

I like how the hair takes centre stage by being so…laid back. Here it is really clear how hair can make or break a shoot. Try and imagine this shoot with super dressed hair….it just would be the same would it?

Goes to show…sometimes less IS more;)


YOU smell…not;)

by steveterry

I was reading in the paper today about how dangerous the Aluminium that we find in most deodorants is…

I have  actually been meaning to tip you about this Deo Stick from New York based Malin & Goetz.

Cecilia Blankens also loves it!

I usually get quite a reaction from a lot of deos and I just have to say…this on is in a league of its own…great for men, women and tweenies (Liam loves it)…works great…smells fresh and NO NASTIES like….Aluminium.



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